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Your idea can start here!



Have you ever thought to yourself


"there's got to be a better way..."


But had no idea where to find business consulting services that would fit your needs?


ikre8 is a results driven company, focused on providing business consulting services for every aspect of your operation. These business solutions come in many forms and combinations of:

Improving Productivity

Software Development Projects

Instructional Videos

Marketing Strategies

Product Design and Development

Event Management

Website Design

Getting Found On Google

Custom QR Code


It all starts with an idea and most ideas start on a scrap piece of paper!


ikre8 was founded in 1998, by an entrepreneur who understands the importance of business consulting services that provide the right tools for allowing a business to reach its full potential.


When you choose ikre8, you are getting personalized service that delivers innovative techniques and strategies from a highly skilled team that builds results. Results that will uncover new sources of revenue and streamline existing systems to increase productivity. This will cut costs, as well as reduce and recoup losses, therefore returning cash back into the bottom-line.

The fact that you are here shows that you are already looking for solutions. Now take the next step....

Business consulting services that transitions ideas into reality.

You think it, ikre8 it!

ikre8 understands that it’s sometimes easier to pick the low fruit off the tree instead of addressing the situations that occur on a day to day basis, because correcting these issues can feel out of reach or unattainable.


ikre8 will help you identify inefficiencies, stay innovative with creative web based solutions and reduce shrink. The end result is that you save time and money, helping your company stay one step ahead of your competition!  Allow us to custom tailor our business consulting services to meet the exact needs of your operation.


For most, the internet is a resource for gathering information, visited daily to support their operation. However, many are missing the marketing opportunity that sits in front of them every day.


The days of just having a website and posting it online are long gone. Your website needs to be a marketing machine!  Designing an online presence that gets you found on Google (and more importantly, converts your visitors into sales) is just one of the business consulting services available. We don’t just build you a website; we build you a strategic online marketing plan!